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Comeans Family Tree
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Welcome to the Comeans Tree Website . . .

  This page is maintained by Michelle Comeans and father Robin Comeans.  We are descendants of Aaron Comeans & Rosanna Cissna, of the Fayette County, Ohio area. 
  Our main mission is to find a concrete connection linking Aaron with his parents.  Several relatives we have found in our search along the way have also run into this roadblock.
  We hope you will join us in our continuing research and share this site with other interested family members so that we can grow in knowledge together...



If you are subscribed to, simply look for the "Comeans Family Tree" for more research and information.



DNA testing reveals an Irish connection!
It is now assumed that Aaron's father is none other than Zebulon Carmean. 

The Y-DNA haplogroup is R1b1b2a1a2f*

We have confirmed that we are indeed related to those of proven O'Cruimin/O'Crimine ancestry. 

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