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Comeans Family Tree

Aaron's Wife Rosanna (Cissna) Comeans

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The History of Rosanna

       1831 - 1912

  Rosanna (Cissna) Comeans came from two well established Madison County families, the Cissnas and the Sifrits.  Both of her grandfather were veterans of the Revolutionary War and both had received land grants in leiu of payment for their services.
  Born in 1831, Rosanna was one of seven children.  She had three brothers; Hallum, Andrew, and Samuel, and three sisters; Susanna, Mary Catherine, and Hannah.  Hannah married Aaron's brother, John Comeans in 1852.  Rosanna and Aaron were married at approximately the same time.
  Rosanna and Aaron's first child, Louvina, was born in 1854, followed by 13 more children.  8 boys and 5 girls in total.  Two of the children did not survive infancy, the rest can be found in our collective records along with their descendants.
  After Aaron passed away in 1882, Rosanna continued to run the family farm with the help of the children and grandchildren.  Rosanna passed away in 1912, surviving her husband by 30 years.  She is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery, Georgesville, Ohio. 

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