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Comeans Family Tree

Aaron's Tree

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Here are some notes reflecting the main difficulties in connecting Aaron with his likely predecessors...
Assumations:  Aaron and siblings are descended from
                         Zebulon Carmean/Catherine Huffman
                              Zeb and Catherine were likely married in 1823.
                              Zeb and Catherine surrendered their many children.
                         Aaron was likely born in 1828/1829 (per 1850 Census).
                         One Thomas was likely born in 1826 (per 1850 Census).
                               Aaron and Thomas were likely brothers.
Facts:              According to the 1850 Census Records:
                        Aaron was 21. Thomas was 24.
                        They lived on the John Gates farm in Fayette Co.
Through research on, much information has been gathered on Zebulon's parentage: 
     This line goes back to through the trail of American patriots
     to the Irish John Carmean where the trail grows cold at the 1600's.
     However, if we follow John's wife's family tree, the Beauchamps
     have an extensive family line reaching back into England and  
     French Royalty.     
As exciting as this may be, we must remain focused on finding a concrete link with Aaron and his parents before delving too far into the past.    

                           __Louvina Comeans                                          __Melvina Comeans     
                                   Michael Keysaer                                                    Abner Partlow
                                                                                                         __Ransom Commeans 
                           __Secratos Comeans                                         __Annie Comeans       
                                                                                      David's         __Laura Comeans  
Aaron                                                                          Children                  Thomas Burke
Comeans -----  __David Comeans                       ----------------
                                   Ellen Kraner/ Luvada Cook                       __Myra Comeans     
Rosanna                                                                                                      Gilbert Arndt
Cissna              __Alfred Carmean                                              __Herbert Comeans   
                                   Amy Spencer                                              __Frank Comeans   
                                                                                                                    Marie Naus
                         __Rebecca Comeans                                           __Ralph Comeans        
                                   William Kraner                                                       Lelia Davis
                                                                                                         __Sarah Comeans   
                         __Martha Comeans                                                    Marion Sharpe
                                   Andillus Harsh                                           __Harold Comeans   
                                                                                                                    Audrey Toy/
                                                                                                                     Louise Cunningham
                         __William Comeans                
                         __Ellen Comeans                     
                         __Edward Commeans             
                                   Ada Kennedy
                        __Robert Comeans                  
                        __unknown female
                        __unknown male
                        __Ransomer "Ott" Comeans              
                         __Viola Comeans                     
                                  Harry L. French   


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